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Rich Allen Yancy
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If you have accessed this page then you are apparently interested in learning about me. (Maybe you got here by accident?) Tragic Comedy In any case, here is my life. It all started back in 1968 at General Hospital in Los Angeles, California. I was born the son of "poor but proud" parents. We all know the old hardship story. I didn't have to walk ten miles to school in the snow but it was close. More of this kind of information is contained on my background page. This page has all kinds of information on my past from Los Angeles to Vienna.

Throughout my life I have always believed very strongly in education and smart work. For more detailed information on my education, please check out any of the following: Brain Power

The school pages are pretty interesting. They contain much information on all the elementary and secondary schools that I have attended. The college pages are very informative and contain many links to other colleges and universities as well.

Man at the TOP My vitae and résumé gives a little more general information about my academic and corporate experience. It takes a lot of work to manage a career. I have put together a lot of resources that I have found to be useful. They are contained on my career page. The page also contains information on everything from setting goals to networking. If you would like some advice on career strategy and tactics, then you must check out the career page.

I have been fortunate to have a pretty interesting professional career. My affiliations spans many companies. Some of the more recent have places on my web site. To find out more details about my career, check any of the following: Business Meeting

Many people have said that I always look like I am thinking deeply about something. They are usually right. To find out what I am thinking about check out my ideas or research. I am always thinking about strange things such as American manufacturing, the human brain, male-female relationships, etc. My research is centered around computers. Software Engineering and Computational Algorithms consume most of my time. Other research topics include programming languages and database theory. For more topics, check out the page. Bright Ideas Research

When I am not being so serious, I enjoy many things. My hobbies vary from doing absolutely nothing to driving the interstate highways in America. I have also been fortunate to travel to many foreign destinations. There are all listed on the hobbies page. By now you can probably figure that my favorite hobby is playing with my computer. My computer page is very extensive. If you are interested in learning a programming language, I have included a lot of tutorial and reference information on languages, i.e. C, C++, Java, HTML, etc. There is also stuff on computer games and other computer related things.

Romance is part of everyone's life and I am no exception. I would reveal everything but this page is in the public view so I have created a special page about romance. Don't worry, it's not rated XXX. (More like PG). There's all kind of stuff about love, relationships, marriage, family, and even a little about my personal romantic history. Heart Love Man

Lastly, I run into a lot of things that don't fit neatly into any category so I put them on my personal miscellaneous page. It is pretty interesting. Check it Out. Miscellaneous

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